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The system continues to fluctuate here with the the market picking back up, going 5-5 on the top 10 sells and 7-3 on the top 10 buys. The system is so far 15-15 on top 10 sells and 19-11 on top 10 buys. The trend seems to be that the teams that are supposed to win, do win, and the teams that are supposed to lose, don’t always lose. There are factors such as the momentum and home field advantage of the teams that factor into the outlook, that’s why the top 10 sells are not always the opponents of the top 10 buys. Here is the board for this week with sortable table:

Team Share Price Change Week 7 Outlook
Arizona Cardinals 61.56 +03.78 -40.21
Atlanta Falcons 52.23 -06.65 +20.74
Baltimore Ravens 75.23 -06.61 +36.12
Buffalo Bills 48.05 -02.97 -28.91
Carolina Panthers 74.22 +07.48 +24.03
Chicago Bears 76.04 +01.45 +29.83
Cincinnati Bengals 76.34 -04.84 -04.58
Cleveland Browns 56.58 -09.87 -32.60
Dallas Cowboys 85.97 +03.07 +19.44
Denver Broncos 118.50 -00.10 +30.89
Detroit Lions 80.92 +04.96 +09.58
Green Bay Packers 89.18 +03.90 +47.60
Houston Texans 42.60 -09.64 -68.76
Indianapolis Colts 97.61 -07.73 -15.89
Jacksonville Jaguars 15.84 +08.90 -55.43
Kansas City Chiefs 111.36 +04.44 +83.76
Miami Dolphins 76.96 -01.55 +33.91
Minnesota Vikings 38.77 -13.19 +15.35
New England Patriots 89.40 +00.90 +43.09
New Orleans Saints 99.05 -09.70 Bye
New York Giants 23.42 +08.76 -10.35
New York Jets 46.31 -14.10 -38.09
Oakland Raiders 53.24 -01.63 Bye
Philadelphia Eagles 66.53 +12.57 -04.44
Pittsburgh Steelers 39.11 +05.22 -31.12
San Diego Chargers 71.27 +11.26 +73.56
San Francisco 49ers 89.40 +02.18 +24.44
Seattle Seahawks 106.77 -01.97 +45.21
St. Louis Rams 55.19 +23.47 -18.31
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 36.49 -07.08 -15.74
Tennessee Titans 74.96 -05.57 -09.44
Washington Redskins 46.21 -03.77 -24.83


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Minnesota Vikings -13.19 Cleveland Browns -9.87

The Vikings will turn to their 3rd starter this year in Josh Freeman, looking for the glory days of a big, athletic quarterback, ala Daunte Culpepper. The only problem is, there’s no Randy Moss to throw the ball to. Brining in Freeman mid year, 2 weeks of learning the playbook, spells big trouble for the Vikings this season, as they have perhaps mailed it in. The Browns, losing promising QB Brian Hoyer to a torn ACL, have already mailed it in, trading away potentially their best player in RB Trent Richardson.



Indianapolis Colts +7.73
Baltimore Ravens -6.61

The Colts got upset on Monday Night against the Chargers. Just when you thought they were ready to explode into the upper eschelon of the NFL, it looks like Andrew Luck was spooked by lights of Monday Night and traveling cross country. Though they will probably lose against the NFL’s best in the Broncos, I still like them to win the AFC South, so you can hold. Everyone wrote the Ravens off after the loss to the lowly Bills, but besides their opener against the Broncos, they have lost their games by a combined 5 points. The Ravens are scheduled for a couple of divisional games coming up, which they usually get up for, so I am a little unsure whether to buy or sell, so I will put them on hold for now, as I feel some of those are winnable, especially this week at Pittsburgh.


Detroit Lions +4.96
Green Bay Packers +3.90

The Lions are quietly in the top 10 int the NFL in terms of winning percentage. With the Bucs, Steelers, Giants and Vikings in their future, I think the Lions may be worthy of a wild card, or maybe, just maybe they can steal the division with a logjam at the top of the division. The offense is the order of the day in the NFL and Detroit’s got plenty of it. The Packers will also enjoy the same schedule as the Lions with some inept teams ahead, starting with the Browns this Sunday. With winter approaching, I expect the Pack to turn it on late, and with the division up for grabs, either of these two teams will be in the hunt.

Week 7 Strong Buys

New England Patriots +43.09
Buy New England. It’s a given, that if you don’t have the Patriots in your portfolio, you have a losing portfolio. As mediocre as the Patriots have looked at times, they were awesome last week, coming back and winning a game in the final seconds over an undefeated Saints team. This will give them a big boost going forward, and this week, facing a Jets team in which the fans were hopeful after the win against the Falcons. Even Rex Ryan wants QB Tom Brady on his team, but then again, who wouldn’t?
Atlanta Falcons +20.74
The Falcons are facing hard times, with a primetime loss against the Jets and the loss of WR Julio Jones for the year and RB Steven Jackson for God knows how long. While I still think that Atlanta is a sell going forward, I like them in the buy spot this week, facing the lowly Bucs and rookie QB Mike Glennon. I think that the Falcons, while terrible on defense, can still muster some good with their remaining WR corps inluding Roddy White and a decent ground attack with the combo of Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling. I think Tampa has mailed it in this year, releasing their starting QB Josh Freeman and will likely look to the draft for a new QB.

Week 6 Strong Sells

Houston Texans -68.76
The Houston Texans are disentgrating fast from contender to laughing stock. After getting dismantled by the Rams last week, they now head to Arrowhead to face the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs lead the lead in takeaways, and you can bet that if you thought the turnovers were bad with Schaub, they are going to be much worse with QB Case Keenum, who has never played a meaningful game in the NFL. Look for a couple of defensive scores in a rout.
Washington Redskins -24.83
Some QBs go through what is called the sophomore slump. We’ve seen it many times in the NFL where a rookie comes out blazing only to take a step back in year 2. That is what is happening to RGIII. He continues to put his body on the line with his scrambling. What good QBs such as Peyton Manning will tell you, is to just take the loss instead of the hit. Allegations abound of RGIII purposely putting himself in harm’s way to draw flags, justifying it by saying he’s trying to help his team. You can’t help your team if you’re under the knife and rehabbing for another year. This week, they take on the Bears, who have eaten QBs for lunch and have prolific WRs that can blow away the lame Redskins secondary. Sell.


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