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I apologize for not posting the system last week, as I am busy preparing for the Giants Fans vs Jets Fans Flag Football Scrimmage for Men’s Health Awareness, which is this Sunday! The system went even Steven in Week 7, going 5-5 on the top 10 sells and 5-5 on the top 10 buys. However, in Week 8, the system rocked, going 9-1 each way on top buys and top sells The system is so far 29-21 on top 10 sells and 33-17 on top 10 buys. We are halfway through and getting some good trending data, for instance the Jets who follow up a win with a loss. They are a good example of a volatile team that is invest on your own risk. Here is the board for this week with sortable table:

Team Share Price Change Week 9 Outlook
Arizona Cardinals 65.60 +02.63 Bye
Atlanta Falcons 46.85 -05.56 -41.62
Baltimore Ravens 67.80 -04.56 +17.83
Buffalo Bills 53.51 +02.78 -45.71
Carolina Panthers 88.47 +11.68 +56.62
Chicago Bears 74.55 -00.47 -21.50
Cincinnati Bengals 89.19 +10.79 +19.57
Cleveland Browns 49.97 -02.59 -12.83
Dallas Cowboys 86.55 -00.83 +54.68
Denver Broncos 115.16 -00.80 Bye
Detroit Lions 81.89 +04.22 Bye
Green Bay Packers 96.06 +04.62 +36.50
Houston Texans 42.52 -05.35 -52.45
Indianapolis Colts 99.97 -00.42 +57.45
Jacksonville Jaguars 12.51 -02.21 Bye
Kansas City Chiefs 104.22 -01.06 +60.71
Miami Dolphins 69.62 -02.65 -14.57
Minnesota Vikings 36.87 -01.27 -49.68
New England Patriots 82.92 -03.57 +43.68
New Orleans Saints 101.03 +03.33 +58.28
New York Giants 32.81 +16.60 Bye
New York Jets 42.75 -07.77 -53.28
Oakland Raiders 55.94 +04.05 +08.84
Philadelphia Eagles 52.10 -10.33 -03.84
Pittsburgh Steelers 44.24 +00.99 -38.68
San Diego Chargers 75.16 +01.54 +40.79
San Francisco 49ers 97.98 +03.45 Bye
Seattle Seahawks 106.33 -02.99 +89.76
St. Louis Rams 55.29 +00.65 -10.06
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31.57 -03.32 -74.76
Tennessee Titans 70.35 -01.02 +15.06
Washington Redskins 44.37 -01.96 -25.79


buy sell hold




Philadelphia Eagles -10.33 Carolina Panthers +11.68

The Philadelphia Eagles has mightily flopped after looking so promising early on with all the weapons they have and offensive genius Chip Kelly at the helm. Now, with Michael Vick not able to stay on the field, they turn to Nick Foles, whom Vick beat out for the starting job in preseason. I think that the offense had excelled early on because of the respect that Vick commands with his legs, but Foles gets no such respect. The Panthers may have impressed some with their little winning streak, but they have not impressed me. The combined record of the teams they have beaten is 6-24. Their next five opponents feature only one losing team with a combined record of 24-14. While they have been impressive in their wins, these are wins they are supposed to get. I think that right now is the highest point the Panthers will see all season, and you should sell high.


Chicago Bears -0.47
Washington Redskins -1.96

With the Redskins, you never know. Last season, they turned it on late and stole the division away. I think that in their lousy division, they can make some noise, but they are not playing good football right now and the hole they have dug themselves may be too deep to get out from. The Bears started off strong, but now with Jay Cutler going down and dates with the Packers and Lions coming up, I think you can write this season off for the Bears as a rookie coach’s growing pains. The defense looked promising as well, but they are perhaps the most overrated unit in football, giving up an average of 31 points over the last 4. They do have some weaker opponents after the Lions, and may, I said may, make a run once Cutler returns, but don’t bet on it, as this is a team that is known for not finishing strong.


Oakland Raiders +4.05 Detroit Lions

The Lions continue to impress me, so I will keep them in the buy spot for now, as their success will be likely overshadowed by the Packers’ strong play and the amazing turnaround by Kansas City. If you saw the game last Sunday, you know that Megatron, Calvin Johnson is a beast. He may go down in NFL history as the greatest receiver of all time when it is all said and done. The Lions have the Bucs, Steelers, Vikings, Eagles and Giants left on their schedule, so don’t be surprised if they end up a wild card team. I really like the Oakland Raiders, although I think they have no shot of getting into the postseason, just because their division is very, very tough. But things are looking up for this team on the arm and legs of Terrelle Pryor, who has turned some heads lately and their defense who is stepping up.

Week 9 Strong Buys

Seattle Seahawks +89.76
Did you ever wonder if the Bucs played the Jaguars, who would win? There is absolutely no chance for the Bucs when they head into Seattle, a tough place to play, even for elite teams. Look for the Seattle starters to be on the bench halfway through the game, as they will have built a large lead by then.
New England Patriots +43.68
The schedule makers and network TV were probably real excited to see the Patriots and the Steelers go head to head, but no one expected Pittsburgh to be bad and New England to be just OK. The Steelers go into their 2nd straight on the road and this week they draw an elite QB in Tom Brady. Even the Terelle Pryor-led Raiders dominated the Steelers, despite the score, the Raiders were up 21-3 at halftime and did not need any more scoring to win that game. I expect the Patriots to steamroll the Steelers at home.

Week 9 Strong Sells

Chicago Bears -21.50
Sell the Bears this week as the Green Bay Packers are just too hot and Josh McCown does not have the arm or the smarts to outplay Aaron Rodgers in what will likely be a shootout between two mediocre defensive teams.
Houston Texans -52.64
Sell Houston this week, as Texans coach Gary Kubiak has named Case Keenum his starter against the red hot Colts. This team is just not going anywhere this year with the injuries they have and question marks at QB. I expect the game to be close to a point, but I think that the Colts will stack the box to stop Arian Foster, pull away late and the Texans get booed out of the stadium by their fans again.

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