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So far, so good! The system had a winning week again, going 6-4 on the top 10 sells and 6-4 on the top 10 buys with a couple of upsets in between by the Bears, Jets and Browns. The system is so far 34-25 on top 10 sells and 39-21 on top 10 buys. You can clearly see the trend for the Miami Dolphins, which I expect to keep sliding down as they deal with drama surrounding their organization.  They are a good example of a team you should have sold in week 3, because if you’d have held on, your stock would have lost half its value by now. Here is the board for this week:

Team Share Price Change Week 9 Outlook
Arizona Cardinals 66.44 +00.84 +25.64
Atlanta Falcons 49.58 +02.73 -47.00
Baltimore Ravens 64.09 -03.71 -18.76
Buffalo Bills 45.92 -07.59 -01.77
Carolina Panthers 97.70 +09.23 +10.94
Chicago Bears 80.36 +05.80 +02.92
Cincinnati Bengals 87.85 -01.34 +23.76
Cleveland Browns 52.63 +02.67 Bye
Dallas Cowboys 85.66 -00.89 -10.45
Denver Broncos 115.21 +00.05 +42.37
Detroit Lions 82.44 +00.55 +2.08
Green Bay Packers 77.42 -18.64 +15.27
Houston Texans 45.80 +03.28 -20.64
Indianapolis Colts 94.77 -05.20 +59.21
Jacksonville Jaguars 9.39 -03.12 -63.98
Kansas City Chiefs 104.00 -00.22 Bye
Miami Dolphins 56.75 -12.88 +19.14
Minnesota Vikings 40.67 +03.80 -05.64
New England Patriots 91.75 +08.83 Bye
New Orleans Saints 96.11 -04.93 +15.45
New York Giants 37.81 +05.00 +13.49
New York Jets 52.77 +10.01 Bye
Oakland Raiders 39.32 -16.62 +01.51
Philadelphia Eagles 67.15 +15.05 -10.27
Pittsburgh Steelers 47.69 +03.45 +06.77
San Diego Chargers 72.84 -02.32 -4.60
San Francisco 49ers 96.76 -01.22 +14.06
Seattle Seahawks 101.58 -04.75 +62.00
St. Louis Rams 50.56 -04.73 -44.21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37.61 +06.04 -14.14
Tennessee Titans 73.37 +03.02 +68.98
Washington Redskins 51.31 +06.95 +10.64
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Miami Dolphins -12.88 Baltimore Ravens -3.71

Sell the Miami Dolphins. Now. This whole Richie Incognito - Jonathan Martin saga is going to overshadow what had been a decent start for the Dolphins. Those two guys constituted 40% of the Dolphins starting offensive line and they are now gone. The Ravens have a tough schedule coming up and I don’t think they can make the playoffs this year with the 1 & 5 seed going to be locked up by the Chiefs or Broncos. They are the classic case of Super Bowl hangover.


New Orleans Saints -4.93 Green Bay Packers -1.96

The Saints are coming off a tough loss to a team they were supposed to demolish in the Jets. They have a very difficult schedule coming up with the next 3 games between the Cowboys, 49ers and the Seahawks, and Carolina twice. I still think they are one of the class of the NFC and will be in the playoffs as the division leader, if Carolina doesn’t steal the division. The Packers looked terrible with Seneca Wallace at the helm vs. the Bears, who had their own 2nd stringer in the game. Aaron Rodgers is the heart and soul of the team, so I anticipate them losing at least 3 out of the 4 while Rodgers is gone, and hopefully the Lions don’t run away with the division by that time, the Packers can rally over the last few weeks to a division title.


New York Giants +5.00 Houston Texans +3.28

It’s about time I had to give the Giants some love here. After starting 0-6, they are winners of 2 straight and have a very manageable schedule coming up against Oakland, an Aaron Rodgers-less Packers, and the reeling Redskins. If they can secure wins against their division foes, the Giants could be the story of the year if they can manage to be there at the end. As everyone knows from recent history, the Giants can and will sneak into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl as heavy underdogs. I was very impressed by Case Keenum‘s performance in the game vs. Indianapolis last Sunday night. Through all the doom and gloom, he has given the Texans hope and reenergized the defense. Even though they did not come away with a win, they were still in the game and led into the 4th quarter, before a signature Andrew Luck last second, game winning drive.

Week 9 Strong Buys

New Orleans Saints +15.45
I think the Saints will respond to the dissapointing loss in New York by absolutely drubbing the Cowboys in their house. Since the Cowboys move into their new stadium, they have only won just over 50% of the games played there, all but negating any home field advantage. With their atrocious defense, a team like the Saints will likely go wild and we may see another shootout game, in which Romo makes the fatal mistake and cost his team the game. However, I think the Saints will decide this game early and leave no doubt.

San Francisco 49ers +14.06

Buy the 9ers this week because I do not at all believe in the Carolina hype. The defense has looked sharp the last few weeks, but keep in mind they were going against an ailing Atlanta receiver corps and the week before that woeful Rams and Bucs, who don’t have a viable option at quarterback. The 49ers are just starting to turn on the juice for their running game, and will be getting back Mario Manningham and should provide a good duo with Anquan Boldin for QB Colin Kaepernick.

Week 9 Strong Sells

San Diego Chargers -4.60

The Chargers are a hard team to put a mark on because they are always in games and somehow always lose at the end. They face the Broncos at home, who have cooled down since their hot start in the first quarter of the year. I think that the strength of the Chargers is their run defense, but their pass defense has always been somewhat suspect, coming in ranked 28th in the league. I expect QB Peyton Manning to have a feast in what could be a high scoring affair as both of these defenses are not great, but the pressure of playing against Manning will get to the Chargers.

St. Louis Rams -44.21

Sell the Rams this week, who are in disarray after the loss of Sam Bradford. Kellen Clemens has done a decent job filling in, and they have been in games late, but they won’t be winning games anytime soon. They face the red hot Colts this week, and while it may look like a trap game for the Colts, I think that RB Trent Richardson has a field day against the Rams porous rushing defense, which has allowed over 125 yards per game on the ground this season.

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