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The system got hammered last week as we saw 3 teams emerge from the basement of the league in victory, in Minnesota, St. Louis, Tampa and Jacksonville. That’s why they play the games, folks. Anything can happen on any given Sunday, despite what the street says. The system did another mirror, even though different teams were involved, going 4-6 on top buys and top sells, for a season record of 38-31 on top 10 sells and 43-27 on top 10 buys. You may ask why KC, who is undefeated has only the 3rd highest share price. It’s because even though the Chiefs win, and that’s the highest weight in the formula, it’s diluted by the number of games. In the other criteria in the formula, the Chiefs have been lacking, so the formula puts the Broncos and Seahawks ahead of them, despite having 1 more loss respectively. Here is the board for this week:

Team Share Price Change Week 11 Outlook
Arizona Cardinals 67.45 +01.01 +62.63
Atlanta Falcons 43.69 -05.88 +04.55
Baltimore Ravens 66.26 +02.18 -11.84
Buffalo Bills 44.07 -01.85 -06.15
Carolina Panthers 101.17 +03.47 +25.12
Chicago Bears 78.10 -02.26 +16.84
Cincinnati Bengals 84.55 -03.31 +38.27
Cleveland Browns 51.28 -01.35 -33.27
Dallas Cowboys 79.49 -06.18 Bye
Denver Broncos 110.71 -04.51 +22.16
Detroit Lions 84.73 +02.29 +45.05
Green Bay Packers 70.41 -07.01 +22.63
Houston Texans 45.63 -00.17 +06.41
Indianapolis Colts 80.71 -14.06 +14.26
Jacksonville Jaguars 14.82 +05.43 -47.63
Kansas City Chiefs 103.55 -00.45 +02.84
Miami Dolphins 51.13 -05.62 -13.33
Minnesota Vikings 39.50 -01.17 -66.68
New England Patriots 91.05 -00.70 -05.12
New Orleans Saints 102.59 +06.48 +11.70
New York Giants 47.78 +09.97 -07.63
New York Jets 55.22 +02.45 +16.15
Oakland Raiders 44.22 +04.90 -01.41
Philadelphia Eagles 73.30 +06.15 +40.67
Pittsburgh Steelers 49.68 +01.99 -30.05
San Diego Chargers 69.46 -03.38 +18.33
San Francisco 49ers 95.89 -00.87 -06.70
Seattle Seahawks 106.18 +04.60 +81.68
St. Louis Rams 62.24 +11.68 Bye
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 39.14 +01.53 -00.45
Tennessee Titans 66.45 -06.92 -09.26
Washington Redskins 47.63 -03.68 -25.67


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Washington Redskins -1.96 San Diego Chargers -3.38

I’m sorry to say, you won’t see any RGIII magic that we saw last year. The Redskins’ had their chances to come out of this division, which will likely be won by a .500 or less team, but they blew it in losing to the awful Minnesota Vikings last week on Thursday night. They are victims of a tough schedule and it gets tougher with 2 dates with the streaking Giants, undefeated Kansas City and the 49ers, who are racing for that 5 seed, left on the schedule. The Chargers have the opposite problem of the Redskins. Their division is so good that it is going to be impossible to secure anything other than the 6 seed. The Chargers seem to have a knack for losing games when it’s all on the line, so I see the same scenario playing out in their quest for the wild card..


Chicago Bears -0.47 Indianapolis Colts -14.06

I have somewhat given up on the Colts. After beating the top two teams in the league in Denver and Seattle, they get inexplicably drubbed by the Rams… the Rams! At home, no less. The week before, they had to come from behind to beat the lowly Texans. Everyone, myself included bought into the hype, but now it’s seeming as if this team will win the division, but will not get anywhere in the playoffs unless they start playing better. They seem to get up for the difficult teams, which is good, but they may likely get knocked out in the wild card round if they’re not careful. The Bears suddenly have a legitimate backup in Josh McCown, who has looked decent playing in Jay Cutler’s stead. I think if McCown plays well, they can find themself in contention for a wild card, because the Lions are going to run away with the division.


New England Patriots +0.70 Pittsburgh Steelers +1.99

With the advent of the cold, these two teams always turn it on late and play great in cold weather games. While the Steelers probably will not make the playoffs due to the giant hole they’ve dug themselves, this is a team that will want to play spoiler in their division. The Patriots seemingly have their divison locked up with a very, very manageable schedule the rest of the way. Now would be the time to buy the Patriots, because they may steal away home field advantage while Kansas City and Denver duke it out for their division crown.

Week 7 Strong Buys

Philadelphia Eagles +40.67
The Eagles are suddenly in position to gain sole possesion of 1st place in the NFC East this week in a very important game against the Redskins. I think the Eagles get off the home schneid and dismantle the Redskins, who looked like they have mailed it in for this season.
New York Jets +16.15
Buy the Jets this week, who are rested off the bye and play lowly Buffalo this week. The Bills have struggled to get anything on offense going and we know how ferocious the Jets D can be at home. Add to the Jets the experience factor of new acquisition Ed Reed, and E.J. Manuel will have a long and frustrating day.

Week 6 Strong Sells

Every bottom of the barrel team who won last week - Combined -114.76
Sell all of the teams who either got their first and second win last week and stomp any daydreams of a winning streak. The Bucs, Vikings and Jaguars are bad teams who got the benefit of playing teams at the right time. While the Bucs will have the best shot of actually winning out of the three, they are playing a divisional game against the wounded Falcons, who would love nothing more than to keep the Bucs in last place in the division.

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