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Continuing new feature on the blog, Bulls & Bears. I think the NFL is very much like the stock market in that team performance fluctuates wildy and the investment that each fans put in every week either lives up to their expectations or flops.


The Outlook system did pretty well last week, going 6-4 on the top 10 sells and 7-3 on the top 10 buys. Here is the board for this week:

Team Share Price Change Week 5 Outlook
Arizona Cardinals 47.44 -0.19 -37.43
Atlanta Falcons 64.11 -5.79 +15.78
Baltimore Ravens 75.94 -3.77 -8.79
Buffalo Bills 67.72 +7.47 +21.53
Carolina Panthers 89.87 +5.47 +42.43
Chicago Bears 81.78 -8.85 -27.42
Cincinnati Bengals 65.86 -11.48 -32.72
Cleveland Browns 56.19 +4.14 +3.47
Dallas Cowboys 76.17 -8.03 -40.43
Denver Broncos 121.60 +8.75 +45.43
Detroit Lions 80.94 +8.91 +6.23
Green Bay Packers 74.71 +3.94 -1.23
Houston Texans 76.65 +6.34 +14.34
Indianapolis Colts 101.05 +12.23 -11.08
Jacksonville Jaguars 2.94 -19.12 -29.32
Kansas City Chiefs 103.15 +7.28 +24.08
Miami Dolphins 84.73 -10.89 +13.79
Minnesota Vikings 48.58 +3.80 Bye
New England Patriots 98.58 +7.18 +42.72
New Orleans Saints 109.20 +12.23 +37.42
New York Giants 20.67 -10.00 -20.30
New York Jets 53.33 -12.40 -10.78
Oakland Raiders 39.85 -15.16 -29.82
Philadelphia Eagles 45.97 -8.64 +25.30
Pittsburgh Steelers 28.87 -7.48 Bye
San Diego Chargers 74.67 +13.26 +44.81
San Francisco 49ers 62.31 +12.69 -9.24
Seattle Seahawks 117.58 +3.43 +16.08
St. Louis Rams 32.26 -14.58 +34.32
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 42.09 -4.74 Bye
Tennessee Titans 89.07 +16.24 +0.92
Washington Redskins 45.03 +13.46 Bye


nfl bulls and bears

Philadelphia Eagles -8.64
New York Jets -12.40


While the Jets (2-2) are slightly better in record than the Eagles (1-3), both of these teams are looking not to have very bright futures. The Jets have to play the remaining NFC South, which includes the Falcons, Saints and Panthers, not to mention dates with the Ravens and Bengals. The Eagles are just a mess defensively and their high powered offense cannot sustain them against good defenses. They still have a shot in their division, but don’t expect too much out of them.



nfl bulls and bears

Tennessee Titans +11.64 
Dallas Cowboys -8.03


The Titans have lost Jake Locker, their savior QB for a few weeks and Ryan Fitzpatrick will take over duties as the starter. I’m not sold on Fitzpatrick. He was “decent” in Buffalo, but I think the defense will pick up the slack and they’ll win some games. They have a good test against an undefeated Chiefs team this week, so stay tuned. Dallas is a confusing team to follow. Their chart looks like a roller coaster ride as one week they’re up and the other they’re down. They’re a definite sell this week, with the red hot Broncos coming to town, but I still think they are the best team in the NFC East, until another team steps up.



nfl bulls and bears

San Diego Chargers +13.26
Carolina Panthers +5.47


The Carolina Panthers were off this week, but I am going to keep them in the buy spot because of their relatively easy schedule the next quarter of the season.The Chargers could easily be 4-0 at this point, without 2 last second come from behind 4th quarter collapses. I think things are looking up for the Chargers with their offense, who can run with anyone and may be in contention for a wild card spot when it’s said and done.


Week 4 Strong Buys


San Diego Chargers  +44.81
San Diego plays the Raiders, who are without any plausible running back and a first year QB who is still learning to throw in the pocket. I think that the offense has a field day here and keeps the Raiders defense tired and on their heels all day.


New England Patriots +42.72
The Patriots continue to win despite having butter fingered green wide receivers. This was supposed to be the tough stretch, without Amendola and Gronkowski. Now those two important cogs will be back in the lineup for New England and they happen to draw the Bengals, who lost to Browns last week. I think Cincinnati will be deflated and the Patriots win big here on the road.


Week 4 Strong Sells


Cowboys -40.43
The Cowboys struggled last week against the high powered Charger offense and now draw the Broncos, who have an even more high powered offense and a stellar defense to boot. I personally think the Cowboys are the best team in their division right now, but Denver has been blowing out teams and the Cowboys will be no exception this Sunday.


Arizona Cardinals -37.43
The Arizona Cardinals are suffering from a lack of leadership. Carson Palmer needs to retire already. He made 2 crucial interceptions in the red zone, late in the game against Tampa last week. He will not forget the lick that got laid on him and took him out of the game last year (with the Raiders) against the Panthers. I expect the Panthers D to be on Palmer all day and force him into some more bad decisions.

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