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Well, we had two of the undefeateds go down, our highest price stock did not stick to their trend of blowing out their opposition, mixed in with a few straight up underdog wins, so… The market took a hit last week, going 4-6 on the top 10 sells and 5-5 on the top 10 buys. The system is so far 10-10 on top 10 sells and 12-8 on top 10 buys, modest numbers. Here is the board for this week with a NEW sortable table :

Team Share Price Change Week 6 Outlook
Arizona Cardinals 57.77 +10.33 -19.46
Atlanta Falcons 58.88 -5.24 Bye
Baltimore Ravens 81.84 +5.90 +1.56
Buffalo Bills 51.02 -16.70 +25.16
Carolina Panthers 66.73 -23.13 +14.77
Chicago Bears 74.60 -7.18 +64.94
Cincinnati Bengals 81.18 +15.33 +30.16
Cleveland Browns 66.45 +10.26 +5.50
Dallas Cowboys 82.90 +6.73 +37.92
Denver Broncos 118.60 -3.00 +126.66
Detroit Lions 75.95 -4.99 +9.50
Green Bay Packers 85.28 +10.57 +3.44
Houston Texans 52.23 -24.42 +25.51
Indianapolis Colts 105.33 +4.28 +55.32
Jacksonville Jaguars 6.94 +3.99 -111.66
Kansas City Chiefs 106.92 +3.77 +67.05
Miami Dolphins 78.51 -6.22 Bye
Minnesota Vikings 51.96 +3.38 -9.77
New England Patriots 88.50 -10.08 -15.25
New Orleans Saints 108.75 -0.44 +30.25
New York Giants 14.66 -6.01 -59.94
New York Jets 60.41 +7.08 +31.52
Oakland Raiders 54.87 +15.02 -52.05
Philadelphia Eagles 53.96 +7.99 +10.40
Pittsburgh Steelers 33.89 +5.03 -26.52
San Diego Chargers 60.01 -14.66 -40.32
San Francisco 49ers 87.23 +24.92 +44.46
Seattle Seahawks 108.74 -8.84 +33.21
St. Louis Rams 31.72 -0.54 -20.51
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 43.56 +1.47 -5.40
Tennessee Titans 80.53 -8.53 -23.21
Washington Redskins 49.98 +4.95 -33.42






Houston Texans -24.42
Atlanta Falcons -5.24

Two surprise teams hit the sell list this week after dissapointing starts. The Texans (2-3) and Falcons (1-4) were in the elite team conversation last year, but this year after some brutal QB play by Matt Schaub and no defensive effort from the Falcons, these teams are in danger of missing the playoffs. Factor in the season-ending injury to Julio Jones for the Falcons and it’s time to say sayonara.


New York Jets +7.08
Cincinatti Bengals +15.33

These two teams are enigmas. The Bengals have beaten two of the best in the Patriots and Packers, but lost to the lowly Browns. The Jets, who everyone thought was en route to a #1 pick in next year’s draft, are 3-2 and have beaten the Falcons. The jury is still somewhat out on these teams, as the Jets have only managed to win their 3 games by an average total of 3 and the Bengals are playing some great defense, but WR A.J. Green will need to step it up, for his team’s sake and also for fantasy purposes.


Indianapolis Colts +4.28
Oakland Raiders +15.02

 Who would have ever thought the Raiders would be on a buy list. Before you say that I’m nuts, let me explain. After this week against the Chiefs, where they’ll probably lose, they have three very winnable games against the winless Steelers and Giants, and defensively hopeless Philadelphia. If QB Terrelle Pryor can keep up his stellar play and not get hurt, I think the raiders can easily be above .500 by Week 9. The Colts continue to dazzle as QB Andrew Luck is playing lights out and the defense is holding their own. They dethroned the previously undefeated Seahawks who were looking unstoppable in their first 4. I think it’s time for a changing of the guard in the AFC South.

Week 6 Strong Buys

San Francisco 49ers +24.92
Buy San Francisco because they seem to have found their power running attack that they had from last year. RB Frank Gore looks re-energized and things are looking up from here with the returns of WRs Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham looming. This week they play the Cardinals, who pulled an upset last week at home vs. the Panthers, but will be no match for the ground and pound attack of the 9ers.
Chicago Bears -7.18
The hard to figure out Bears are playing the hapless Giants this week and it couldn’t come at a better time. Look for the Bears to get a win at home. I’m not saying it will be pretty, it might even be close, but I expect QB Jay Cutler and newfound favorite no. 2 Alshon Jefferey to light up the Giants’ porous secondary. Also, the Bears lead the league in defensive TD’s and the Giants give up the most defensive TD’s in the league, so I see a couple of points for the D/ST of the Bears as well.

Week 6 Strong Sells

Jacksonville Jaguars -111.66
The only reason I’m posting this is because of the enormous sell rating for the Jaguars. We all know that owners of Jaguars stock have sold and gone to London (or is it LA?) They go up against the best team in the NFL this week. It is really a David and Goliath game, but this time David will not prevail.
Tennessee Titans -8.53
Sell the Titans this week as they are going to face a very angry Seahawks team who got their undefeated streak snapped in Indy. Richard Sherman, will especially be hungry and will take advantage of mediocre QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is filling in for Jake Locker.

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