QFL Rulebook

Abbreviated Rules

Abbreviated Rules - Important Points


  • 7 players required to play
  • 1 required team captain


Provided by League:
  • Quick Release Style Flag Belts
  • Matching Jerseys (optional)
Not Provided by League (may be purchased from league):
  • Footballs (Each captain must agree to opposing team's football at coin toss, otherwise league will provide ball)
  • Mouthguards (optional)
  • Protective padding (optional)
  • Headgear (optional – no hard billed hats allowed. Headbands, bandanas or beanies are OK)


  • 80 Yards with 10 Yard End Zones
  • Field is divided into 20 Yard Zones - The team in possession of the football has 4 downs to advance into the next zone for a new set of downs.
  • 5 yards from the end zone are no-run zones for the offense. No running plays shall be executed in these zones.
Important markers and areas:
  • Line to Gain Zones: G , <20 , 40 , 20> , G
  • No Run Zone – 5 Yards from end zone
  • Neutral Zone – 2 Yards
  • Drive Start – Own 20 Yard Line
  • 1-Point Conversion – Opp 5 yard line (no run)
  • 2-Point Conversion – Opp 10 yard line


  • Touchdown: 6 points
  • Safety (defense): 2 points
  • Successful try for point: from 10 = 2 points, from 5 = 1 point
  • Defensive return for TD on a 2 point conversion : 2 points
  • Forfeited game: 7 to 0 (if offended team is behind). The score as of the time of forfeiture stands if offended team is ahead.


  • 2 20-Minute Halves
  • Each Team is granted 2, 1-minute timeouts per half
  • Clock runs continuously in the first half and stops only for injuries and official timeouts, except for the last 2 minutes of the half, when it will stop for runners out of bounds, incomplete passes and unintentional defensive penalties. In the second half, the clock will run continuously and stop only for scores, injuries and official timeouts, except for the last 2 minutes of the half, when it will stop for runners out of bounds, incomplete passes and unintentional defensive penalties.
  • Two possession overtime, if necessary - each team will have a possession with 4 downs from their opponent’s 20 to score and convert an extra point. If score is still tied, the game will be a draw. If a turnover is committed by the team who has 2nd possession, the game is over.
  • Please give yourself and teammates enough time to arrive to your game early. The coin toss shall occur 5 minutes before kickoff time. If the captain is not present during coin toss, a designated captain may be used, or if no players are present, the present team will win the coin toss by default.
  • There is an 8 minute grace period after kickoff time before the game begins. Once the grace period is over, the game clock will start counting down. For each minute the non-present team is not on the field, 1 point will be awarded to the present team. After 7 minutes elapsed game time, the game will be ruled a forfeit in favor of the present team with a final score of 7-0.


  • On 4th down, a declared punt can be called which will move to ball to end of the 2nd furthest zone or as far as possible, if in opponent’s territory. For example, if the spot is your own 25 yard line and your captain declares a punt, the opponent will take over possession on their own 20 yard line.
  • Any fumble, muff or bobbled snap that hits the ground is dead at the spot. A fumble that does not touch the ground is a live ball.
  • Blocking technique will be with straight arm with no bended elbows, hands behind the back, down to the side or forearms crossed in front. Contact is allowed moving laterally or backwards and between the defender’s neck and waist area only.
  • One player is required to be on the line of scrimmage on offensive possession. Defensive players are not required to be set on the line of scrimmage. Any defensive player may rush the quarterback or kicker with no delay.
  • Bump and run defensive back coverage is allowed within 5 yards of the defensive line of scrimmage.
  • Mercy Rule: At any time after the end of the first half, a game in which one team leads the other by 35 points or more, the trailing team has the option of ending the game early.
  • The center position is ineligible on passing plays, and must hold a blocking pad at the snap, and cannot cross the line of scrimmage before the pass is received. The center may go upfield and/or drop the bag to run upfield on running plays ONLY.
  • Belts must be worn at all times by all players except for the center. Knotting your flag belt is cause for immediate ejection.
  • The league reserves the right to impose penalties, including warnings and suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct, and unnecessary roughness, including shoulder and crack back blocks, if they are seen on tape after the completion of the game.


This is an adult league and we expect you to act like adults. No player shall act in an unsportsmanlike fashion during a period or intermission. Included among unsportsmanlike acts prohibited are:
  • Insulting language or baiting an opponent;
  • Disconcerting acts or words prior to the snap, in an attempt to interfere with the opponent's signals, movement or play exception;
  • Intentionally kicking at another player (even with no contact being made) or at the ball in other than legal kick;
  • Celebrations are acceptable, so long as there is no taunting toward the opposing team.)
  • Swinging a hand, fist or arm at a player (even if no contact is made);
  • Disrespectfully addressing an official;
  • Any other conduct inconsistent with the orderly and sportsmanlike conduct of the game.


  • Personal Fouls/Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The violating player will be ejected from play for four (4) plays to create a "Cool Down" period before resuming play. If the foul is flagrant, the player will be ejected completely from the game.
  • A player that has received 2 ejections is immediately suspended from league play indefinitely pending a review. A violating player that has been suspended twice in a season will be banned for life.
  • The referee has the authority to declare a game forfeited if the conduct of one or more players or non-players with one of the two teams merits a forfeit.


Offense Specific

PenaltyYardsMarked FromCalled
Delay of Game5Original SpotDead Ball / Replay Down
False Start5Original SpotDead Ball / Replay Down
Illegal Formation (Offense lined up in the neutral zone)5Original SpotDead Ball / Replay Down
Holding10Original SpotEnd of Play / Replay Down
Illegal Block in the Back (offense)10Original SpotEnd of Play / Replay Down
Illegal Block in the Back (interception return)10Spot of the foulEnd of Play / Change of possession
Illegal Forward Pass10Original SpotEnd of Play / Loss of down
Intentional Grounding0Spot of the FoulEnd of Play / Loss of down
Flag Guarding (Includes stiff arms and hand checking)10Spot of the FoulEnd of Play / Replay Down
Illegal Procedure (running inside 5 yard line) 10Original SpotEnd of Play / Loss of down
Illegal Procedure(running inside 5 yard line on 1pt conversion)--Conversion no good
Offensive Pass Interference10Original SpotEnd of Play / Replay Down

Defense Specific

PenaltyYardsMarked FromCalled
Offsides5Original SpotEnd of Play / Replay down
Holding (receiver)10Original SpotEnd of Play / Automatic 1st Down
Holding (grabbing clothing instead of flag during attempted tackle)10End of RunEnd of Play / Automatic 1st Down
Defensive Pass Interference0Spot of FoulEnd of Play / Automatic 1st Down
Roughing the Passer15End of RunEnd of Play / Automatic 1st Down

Player Specific

PenaltyYardsMarked FromCalled
Illegal Substitution(Too many men on the field)10Original SpotDead Ball / Replay Down
Unnecessary Roughness (includes hands to the face, tackling, leading with shoulder, tripping, etc.)15End of RunEnd of Play / Automatic 1st Down (when called on defense)
Unsportsmanlike Conduct15Original SpotDead Ball / Replay Down
Roughing the Passer15End of RunEnd of Play / Automatic 1st Down

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